How to Know If She Misses You: Signs a Girl Still Has Feelings for You

So there’s a special girl who used to be in your life. Maybe she was your girlfriend, or someone you dated briefly. You’ve gone your separate ways, but you can’t stop thinking about her. You’re wondering – does she still have feelings for me? How can I tell if she misses me too?

Figuring out if a girl is missing you is tricky. Unlike guys who are upfront about emotions, women are more subtle. She probably won’t confess she wants you back, but you can read between the lines using these techniques. With some detective work, you’ll decipher if your ex secretly wants to reconnect.

Introduction: Should You Try to Get Her Back?

Before we dive into signs she misses you, it’s wise to consider if winning her back is truly the best move. Just because she’s showing interest doesn’t mean rekindling an old flame is destined for success.

  • Think critically if the relationship can work long-term. Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment. The problems that drove you apart – conflicting lifestyles, immaturity, trust issues etc. – will still be there unless properly addressed. Be sure your bond can go the distance.
  • Make sure you’re compatible. Differences of opinion are normal, but major disagreements on core values spell trouble. Ensure you share compatible morals, interests, dreams and goals. This forms the foundation for a lasting partnership.
  • Consider if she’s worth pursuing at all. We often romanticize the past. Take the rose glasses off – was this really a healthy bond that brought out your best self? Or did she cause more pain than happiness? Only reconnect if she’s a positive force in your life.
  • Respect her boundaries. If she says she’s not interested or needs space, listen. Pushing her will only drive her away further. Give her time if she needs it.
  • Work on yourself first. Improve anything in your life you weren’t happy about, from your career to health to bad habits. Becoming your best self makes getting her back easier while boosting your confidence.

If you’re sure she’s someone you want back in your life, then check for signs the flame can be rekindled. Just go into it with realistic expectations – winning someone’s heart takes effort, patience and care. Keep reading for expert tips to know if she secretly longs for you too!

Top Signs She Misses You

1. She Keeps in Touch

One of the clearest signs a girl misses you is if she stays in contact long after the breakup. She goes out of her way to text, message, or find other excuses to chat even if you two aren’t dating.

Pay attention to how often she initiates conversation:

  • Texts/calls you first. If she’s consistently the one to reach out, it means you’re on her mind. She wants to talk and may be testing the waters.
  • Responds quickly. A girl who misses you will reply promptly to messages instead of leaving you hanging. Quick responses show you’re a priority.
  • Texts thoughtful things. She sends thoughtful ideas, jokes, or updates about her life because she wants to include you in it. Random “thinking of you” texts are a solid sign she misses you.

Of course staying in touch isn’t by itself proof she wants to reunite. The content of your chats reveals a lot too. Keep an eye out for flirty banter, playful teasing, compliments, and reminiscing about past memories. These are all evidence she may be longing for the way things used to be.

2. She Follows Your Social Media Closely

In today’s digital age, social media activity offers clues into your ex’s mindset. Pay attention to her interacting with your profiles:

  • Likes/comments on posts frequently. If she’s liking and commenting on everything you post, she’s paying close attention to your social media presence. Seeing your updates gives her a sense of connection.
  • Views your Stories. Girls will often secretly watch your Snapchat or Instagram Stories. It’s a way to keep tabs without you knowing. If you notice her viewing them, there’s a good chance she misses you.
  • Sends DMs. Messaging you directly through social media instead of texting can be an attempt to open communication. Respond playfully but don’t go overboard.
  • Watches your Live videos. Live streams or Instagram Lives let her tune into your real-time activities. Seeing glimpses of your everyday life makes her feel involved.

Social media essentially lets her lurk without you knowing. If she’s devotedly watching your profiles, it means you’re still on her radar.

3. She Asks Mutual Friends About You

Here’s a sneaky sign she’s missing you – asking around to mutual friends about what you’re up to. She pretends the questions are innocent, just making small talk. In reality, she wants intel.

Things friends might mention offhand she’s asked them recently:

  • How have you been doing lately?
  • What’s new with you and [your name]?
  • Is [your name] dating anyone right now?
  • Does [your name] talk about me at all?
  • What’s [your name] been up to?

Her fishing for information shows she harbors feelings and regrets about how things ended. She’s looking for an opening to reconnect but wants to know where you stand first.

Let close friends know you’re okay with them sharing basic details about how you’ve been. It will get back to your ex, satisfying her curiosity while preserving some mystery.

4. You Catch Her Making Up Excuses to Run Into You

Another common yet indirect sign she’s missing you is if she orchestrates ways to “coincidentally” cross paths. Examples include:

  • “Accidentally” being at places she knows you’ll be – your gym, favorite bar, etc. When you show up, she plays it cool like she didn’t know you’d be there.
  • Finding reasons to visit your workplace. She may say she “just happened to be in the area” and wanted to say a quick hello.
  • Coordinating outings with mutual friends to events where she knows you’ll be present.

Her agenda is to make it look like randomly bumping into you, when in reality she planned the run-in. It’s a way to reconnect “naturally” versus calling you directly.

Always be friendly when she engineers these meetings. Chat briefly, make her laugh, then say you have to take off. This leaves her wanting more – reawakening her feelings for you.

5. You Notice Jealous Behavior When You Talk to Other Girls

If you start dating or talking to a new girl, your ex will surely catch wind of it eventually. If she shows obvious irritation or envy, it’s evidence she’s still into you.

Signs of jealousy to look for include:

  • Asking probing questions about your new love interest. She digs for details while feigning casual curiosity. In reality, she feels threatened.
  • Making snarky remarks about the new girl’s flaws, or your taste in women. She’ll disguise it as playful banter, but it’s saltiness.
  • Posting provocative selfies on social media. She’s highlighting how sexy she looks in hopes of gaining your attention back.
  • Starting arguments more easily. She picks fights and gets emotional due to feeling replaced.

Green with envy behavior makes it clear your ex feels she has unfinished business with you. She’s territorial over what she thinks is still “her man”.

How to Tell If She Misses You Over Text

Since most communication happens over text after a breakup, the content of her messages provides important clues into her mindset. Here are some positive signs she misses you over text:

  • She uses lots of emojis and gifs – A playful, visual communication style shows she’s comfortable and trying to impress you.
  • She texts you at night – Late night chats are more intimate, meaning you’re on her mind near bedtime.
  • She sends you music – Sharing songs makes her feel connected to you emotionally.
  • She double, or triple texts – Multiple unanswered texts in a row mean she craves a response from you.
  • She brings up old memories – Reminiscing about fun times you shared reveals nostalgia for the past.
  • She compliments your appearance – Saying you look handsome, fit, etc means she’s still attracted.
  • She drunk texts you – Lowered inhibitions from drinking make hidden feelings spill out.
  • She texts flirty, playful banter – Lighthearted teasing is her attempt to rebuild attraction. Respond in kind without getting too serious.

When in doubt, notice if her communication style changes suddenly. More frequent, warmer, and more expressive messages indicate you’re on her mind.

Physical Signals She Misses You

A girl’s body language and demeanor also provide clues about lingering feelings. Watch for these physical cues:

  • Twirling/touching her hair when you’re around. This nervous gesture signals she’s trying to impress you.
  • Fidgeting and fussing with her clothes, jewelry, or make-up more in your presence. She wants to look perfect for you.
  • Deep eye contact. Lingering eye gazes mean she finds you captivating.
  • Mirroring your body language. Subconsciously copying your gestures shows she’s interested and engaged.
  • Leaning in when you speak. She can’t get enough of you.
  • Laughing more/louder at your jokes. She’s trying hard to charm you.
  • Licking her lips or biting her lip around you. These are signs of physical attraction.
  • Dilated pupils. Darker, larger pupils indicate arousal.
  • Blushing or getting flush when you compliment or tease her. You make her giddy.
  • Playing with jewelry. Fiddling with necklaces, bracelets or rings exposes anxiety she feels around you.
  • Touching your arm/shoulder/back when talking. She craves subtle physical connection.

Any engaged, enthusiastic signals that go beyond polite friendliness likely means she still carries a flame.

Her Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Despite what she says, your ex’s true emotions often shine through in her actions. Here are behaviors demonstrating she harbors hidden feelings or regrets:

She Drunk Dials You

After a few too many drinks, your ex may get the urge to call you late at night. Inhibitions are lowered after drinking, and true emotions pour out. Even if she doesn’t say it, her decision to reach out while drunk reveals residual feelings.

If you end up chatting, tread carefully. Don’t get overly serious or rehash old drama. Keep it light and make her laugh, leaving her wanting more. Then politely get off the phone, guaranteeing her sober-morning embarrassment will be tempered with happy memories of your banter.

She Returns Gifts

If she boxed up sentimental gifts you gave her but suddenly mails them back, it’s a sign she’s still processing the breakup. She’s not ready to erase reminders of you.

As long as she returns your stuff in a respectful way, take it as a positive indication she’s missing you but doesn’t want to admit it openly. Tell her to keep the gifts if she’d like. Her response will reveal a lot about her mindset.

She Gets Emotional Easily About the Past

Does your ex get irrationally angry, sad or irritated at any reference to the good times you shared? High emotions mean painful memories are still fresh. She hasn’t moved on fully.

Tread carefully here, however. You want to rekindle positive feelings, not tear open fresh wounds. Change the subject or cheer her up with an inside joke if she gets upset. Show you empathize and want to focus on the future.

Signals She Wants Space – What Not to Do

Sometimes after a breakup, a girl genuinely needs solo time to process her feelings before she’s ready to be friends (or more) again. Look for these signs she needs more space:

  • Short, curt responses to your messages
  • Ignoring your calls and texts
  • Unfollowing/blocking you on social media
  • Avoiding places she knows you’ll be
  • Asking mutual friends to tell you she needs space
  • Explicitly telling you she needs time apart

If she’s displaying these behaviors, she’s not playing hard to get – she truly needs more space right now. Pushing her will only drive her away and make her resent you.

Instead, respect her boundaries. Send a nice text saying you’re happy to give her space, then don’t contact her again until she reaches out first. As hard as it is, back off completely for a few weeks. This gives her a chance to miss you again.

With time apart to reflect, her anger will fade. When she’s ready, she’ll contact you if the flame can be revived.

Should You Tell Her You Miss Her?

It’s tempting to bare your soul and confess you’ve been missing her like crazy. Fight the urge until you’re sure she feels the same way. Spilling too much emotion before she’s ready will scare her off.

Look for signs first that she’s missing you too. Once you notice consistent engagement and interest when you interact, it’s safer to open up.

When sharing feelings, keep it simple instead of gushing:

  • “It’s been fun catching up with you lately.”
  • “Wow, memories just came flooding back looking at those old pics.”
  • “I have to admit I miss how we used to hang out.”

Then back off and let her respond. Short, subtle statements are safer than long declarations of love.

The goal is to rekindle positive emotions slowly. With patience, she’ll warm back up to the idea of giving you another chance.

Making Her Miss You Again

If communication has stalled and she’s distant, it’s not game over – there are still ways to make her miss you.

Give Her Space

As counterintuitive as it sounds, the best way to make an ex miss you again is…to temporarily disappear from her life. No texts, no liking social media posts, no asking around about how she’s doing. Pretend you’ve moved on (even if you haven’t).

It’s only natural to cling tighter when someone pulls away. After a few weeks, she’ll be curious why she hasn’t heard from you. You want her to be the one texting you first.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Give her space to miss you.

Avoid Neediness

Needy, desperate vibes are kryptonite to attraction. She wants to chase after a guy who seems totally fine without her.

Respond to her messages on your own time instead of instantly. Have activities and interests besides her that occupy your time. Be pleasantly surprised when she contacts you instead of demanding her attention.

Make her work for your affections instead of laying everything out on a silver platter.

Flirt With Other Girls

As much as it stings to see your ex move on, the same logic applies in reverse. Witnessing other women flirt with you ignites her natural possessiveness.

Post social media pics looking sharp with different girls (friend’s sisters, cousins, etc work fine). Watch how quickly she reaches out when she sees you’re back on the market.

Jealousy is powerful motivation. Slyly spark a little envy in her, and she’ll scramble to win back her “territory.”

Conclusion: Does She Miss Me?

Figuring out if your ex still has feelings for you takes some skill. But paying close attention and reading between the lines can reveal the truth.

Watch how she acts when you run into each other and interact online. Listen to what friends say she’s been asking about you. Notice if she jumps at chances to see or chat with you.

Does she get flustered or jealous when other girls check you out? Does she fish for compliments or find excuses to reconnect? These all point to her harboring hidden desires.

Even more revealing are her unfiltered actions when drinking or emotions take over. Late night drunk dials, fighting over old memories or returning your belongings all suggest she misses what you had.

The key is mastering the balance between fanning her interest and playing it cool. Let her chase you a bit before fully opening up. If you provided value before, she’ll crave getting it back.

Maybe she genuinely needs more space before reconnecting – if so, back off completely. With time, she’ll open back up when ready.

Approach getting your girl back with realistic expectations. Focus on self-improvement and becoming your best self first – the rest falls into place much easier.

With the right mix of patience, mystery and showing her glimpses of the good times, her feelings will slowly reawaken. Get these signs she secretly misses you too, and your chances of winning her heart back will skyrocket!