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How Much Does Qkids Pay: A Comprehensive Guide

Teaching online has become an increasingly popular way to earnmoney from home. With the rise of virtual class platforms, teachers can nowconnect with students from all over the world. One such platform is Qkids. Founded in 2016, this platform offers Englishlanguage tutoring to children aged four to twelve. Qkids pays its teachers anhourly rate and provides opportunities to earn bonuses based on performance. Ifyou are considering joining Qkids, it’s important to know how much they pay andhow you can maximize your earnings. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provideall the information you need to get started.

Understanding Qkids Payment Structure

Before we discuss how much Qkids pays its teachers, it’s importantto understand how their payment structure works. Qkids pays its teachers on anhourly basis, and each class lasts for 30 minutes. The base pay is $8per class (i.e., $16 per hour). However, there are opportunities to earnbonuses that can increase your hourly rate.

There are two types of profiles that teachers can have on Qkids: standby and active. Standby teachers arethose who have not yet been assigned any classes while active teachers haveclasses assigned to them. Qkids pays their standby teachers a lesser amountthan active teachers; standby teachers receive $4 per standby hour whereas activeteachers receive $8 per teaching hour.

In addition, there are two types of rates that can be applied basedon peak times: Flex Pay and Peak Time Premium (PTP). Flex pay refers to periodsoutside of peak hours where there is less student traffic on the platform.These hours include early mornings or late evenings when most students inChina are asleep. During these periods, the pay rate is slightly lower thanthe standard pay rate, typically $3-$7 per teaching hour. Peak Time Premium isapplied during peak hours, those that have heavy student traffic, i.e.,weekday evenings and weekends during the school year. They are periods wheremost students in China are awake. During these periods, Qkids increases theteachers’ base rate by $1 for the first class and between $0.50 and $2 forsuccessive classes in this period.

To maximize earnings as a Qkids teacher:

  • Ensure that you have an active profile rather than standby
  • Tutor as many classes as you can during peak time periods to take advantage of Peak Time Premium rates
  • Schedule your classes in advance rather than waiting for last-minute bookings to ensure a more consistent workload.

Minimum Payment Guarantees (MPG)

You may be asking- so how much money can you make on Qkids?The platform has a minimum payment guarantee (MPG) that ensures you earn abase minimum amount even if you don’t teach any classes or if students cancel.At the start of each month, you receive an MPG guaranteed amount according toyour contract and the region in which you reside. The MPG amount variesdepending on the country where teachers are located, but it typically rangesbetween $50-$200 per month.

The MPG is designed to help reduce teacher anxiety about potentiallosses. It guarantees a predictable income for them regardless of fluctuationsin student demand or unforeseen cancellations, etc. However, note that you’re only allowed to teach at most 30 classes per week to qualify for MPG over the week.

To meet the requirements for MPG:

  • Avoid canceling classes unless necessary.
  • Log in to the classroom on time and maintain a high attendance rate
  • Avoid technical issues that can lead to missed or incomplete classes.

Factors That Affect Payment

Several factors influence how much Qkids pays its teachers. Examplesinclude the teacher’s ratings, technical issues, and the payment structure fordifferent types of classes offered. The two most significant factors are ratingand technical issues. These can have a significant impact on your earnings onQkids:


Your ratings on Qkids can influence how much you earn as ateacher on the platform. Students rate teachers using smiley faces immediatelyafter each class on a scale of 1-5. For every ten classes taught, teachers’performance scores are calculated by averaging their ratings,and this score determines any bonuses that they earn for that ten-class period.

Technical Issues

Technical problems can arise during online classes, and if theseissues result in missed or incomplete classes, teachers may not be paid forthat class. Technical issues such as slow internet speed could lead tounexpected disconnections resulting in missed classes.

Types of Classes Offered by Qkids Teachers

The type of class offered has an effect on Qkidspayment rates. Here is what we know:

Trial Classes: These are introductory classes gearedfor new students that want to try out the platform before committing to moreclasses. Qkids pays $6per class for trial lessons.

Regular Classes: These are the standard classes whereQkids assigns regular students to one teacher, and they teach these studentsduring each session until these students graduate from their courses. Thepay rate is $8 per class at the start, which can increase or decrease based onteacher ratings, class feedback, and performance bonuses.

Class Size: Qkids classes have four students persession. If there are fewer than three students in a class for any reason,the teacher receives half pay for that class.

    Therefore, to maximize your earnings as a Qkids teacher:

  • Prioritize teaching regular classes over trial classes
  • Encourage as many of your regular students to return and continue their studies through Qkids; this will help improve your ratings and lead to better bonuses based on performance.

Payment Periods & Methods Used by Qkids

Qkids teachers receive payments through direct bank deposits intheir accounts every 15th of each month, covering all earnings made up untilthe last day of the previous month. Teachers can check their total earningsthrough the platform’s app.

Note: As an independent contractor, You’re responsible for remitting your taxes to the relevant institutionsAs stated in the terms and agreements.

Tax and Fees Associated with Earnings from Qkids

Independent contractors (including Qkids teachers) are required topay tax on their earnings. When you first sign up for an account and receivepay as a Qkids teacher, you’ll need to supply tax documentation declared bylocal legal entities to comply with relevant legislation requirements. Apartfrom Tax deductions, other expenses that may reduce your Qkids payments includepayment processing fees as well as currency exchange fees if you’re paid in adifferent currency to what your bank uses.

To minimize deductions from your earnings:

  • Hire an accountant to manage taxes and other financial matters;
  • Choose a suitable payment platform that has low processing rates;
  • Choose a payment method that matches your bank currency and doesn’t require any conversion fees.

Comparison with Other Online Teaching Platforms

There are other teaching platforms, such as VIPKid, DaDaABC, and iTutorGroup, offering online teaching similar to Qkids. All these platforms provide opportunities for foreign teachers to teach English to Chinese students. However, there are differences in how much these competitors pay their teachers:

VIPKid: Likewise, VIPKid pays its teachers on an hourly basis. The pay rate starts at $7-9 based on experience or qualification (i.e., earning a degree). The bonus structure is similar to Qkids, with more significant bonuses paid out following positive feedback.

DaDaABC: With DaDaABC, the pay rate is between $15-$25 per hour depending on the teacher’s skills and experience. They are selective in hiring and maintain a higher hourly rate than both Qkids and VIPKid. Teachers receive full pay for classes even if no students show up, unlike Qkids.

iTutorGroup: iTutorGroup offers sessions for language learning aside from English only. The pay rate ranges from $7-$24 per teaching hour based on teaching skills or qualifications.

Tips & Strategies for Boosting Payment On Qkids

To increase earnings as a Qkids teacher, you can:

  • To earn bonuses and thus more pay:
    • Increase your ratings by working hard and developing new techniques or styles of delivering lessons.
    • Avoid cancellations when it’s avoidable.
    • Attend training sessions regularly to stay up-to-date.
  • Participate in referral programs that help you make extra pay by inviting new teachers to join Qkids – they will pay you for your efforts
  • Taking initiative to improve your classroom techniques effectively to reduce or eliminate errors as well as keep students engaged and learning.


Knowing how much Qkids pays its teachers is an important consideratoin when deciding whether to join the platform as a teacher. Though they don’t offer the most competitive pay in the industry, they present one of the most convenient teaching options for individuals who want to teach online without any college qualifications. Understandimg how the payment structure works and taking proactive steps to maximize earnings can significantly increase your earning potential on the platform. We hope this guide has provided information useful to you as you enter the world of online teaching with Qkids.

FAQs about How Much Does Qkids Pay

1. What is Qkids?

Qkids is an online teaching platform that connects English teachers with students aged 4-12 in China. The company offers a unique and interactive learning experience to Chinese children with the help of native English-speaking teachers.

2. How much does Qkids pay?

Qkids pays its teachers $16-$20 USD per hour. The actual rate depends on your experience, education, and performance. The base pay is $8 per class, which lasts for 30 minutes, but you can earn extra bonuses and incentives.

3. Do Qkids teachers get paid monthly or weekly?

Qkids pays its teachers bi-weekly (every two weeks). You can get paid via PayPal or Payoneer. You’ll receive your payment on the 15th and last day of each month.

4. What are the requirements to teach for Qkids?

  • You must be a native English speaker from the US or Canada.
  • You must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college.
  • You must have at least one year of teaching experience, preferably with children.
  • You must have a computer with a stable internet connection and webcam.

5. Are there any additional benefits for Qkids teachers?

Yes, Qkids offers various benefits to its teachers, such as:

  • Bonuses for teaching peak hours (higher demand).
  • Incentives for getting positive feedback from students and parents.
  • Flexible schedule (you can choose your own hours).
  • Training and support from a dedicated team.
  • Opportunities for career advancement (up to $22 per hour).

6. How many hours can Qkids teachers work per week?

Qkids teachers can work up to 19 hours per week. However, there is no minimum requirement, so you can work as little or as much as you want. Keep in mind that peak hours are usually early morning or late at night (depending on your time zone).

7. What’s the hiring process like for Qkids?

The hiring process for Qkids involves several steps:

  1. Submit your application and resume online.
  2. Complete a short interview and demo lesson with a recruiter.
  3. Pass a background check and submit your documentation (degree and teaching certificate, if applicable).
  4. Attend a training session (paid) and practice lessons before teaching real students.

If you meet all the requirements and pass all the stages, you’ll become a certified Qkids teacher and start earning money!

keys takeaways

4 Key Takeaways About Qkids Pay:

  1. Qkids pays between $16-$20 per hour: Depending on your qualifications, experience, and performance, you can earn a base pay of $16 or $20 per hour.
  2. You can earn bonuses: In addition to the base pay, Qkids offers bonuses for attendance, punctuality, and successful referrals.
  3. Your payment is made via direct deposit: After every completed class, your payment is automatically deposited into your account on the 15th of the following month.
  4. There are opportunities for salary increases: If you consistently receive positive feedback from students and parents, you will be eligible for salary increases after completing a certain number of classes.

If you are enthusiastic about teaching English to children and have a passion for education, becoming a Qkids teacher could be a fulfilling part-time job with competitive pay. Keep these key takeaways in mind when considering Qkids as an option for earning extra income.

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