how to be a good santa

how to be a good santa

The sound of sleigh bells, the smell of fresh cookies, the twinkling lights on the tree – it’s the most magical time of the year! As Santa Claus, you have the important job of spreading holiday cheer and delighting children around the world. But how can you make sure you have a smooth trip and keep the Christmas spirit alive all season long? This comprehensive guide covers everything aspiring Santas need to know to be the very best St. Nick they can be.

Introduction: The Keys to a Successful Santa Season

Being Santa comes with a lot of responsibility. You need to oversee your workshop year-round, manage your mischievous elves, and get ready for the big night when you’ll deliver presents across the globe. It’s a big job, but someone’s got to do it right! When December 25th rolls around, there’s no room for mistakes. Here are four key tips to set yourself up for Santa success:

  • Stay organized and make efficient lists. You need to keep track of who’s been naughty or nice, manage your toy inventory, and plan your delivery route. Details matter in the North Pole!
  • Get your sleigh and gear prepped. Make sure your sleigh is serviced, your nine reindeer are ready to fly, and you have the right Santa suit and accessories. Looking the part is essential.
  • Connect with your holiday spirit. Spreading Christmas cheer starts with you! Keep joy and wonder in your heart all season.
  • Remember your important role. Children around the world look up to you. Bringing them holiday magic is an honor and privilege.

Follow this guide and you’ll have a smooth, memorable Christmas full of holiday cheer! Now let’s dive into the details on how to be the best Santa you can be.

Crafting Your Signature Santa Style

Your Santa suit and accessories are key parts of your brand. You’ll want to look authentic while feeling comfortable and ready for action on the big night. Here are tips for creating your signature Santa style:

Choosing the Right Santa Suit

  • Opt for a high-quality, thick velvet or faux fur suit that fits well. It should drape nicely over padding to give you a plump silhouette.
  • Classic red is the way to go, but opt for a deeper, richer tone. Stay away from bright candy apple red.
  • Make sure the white trim fully outlines your sleeves, pants cuffs, collar, etc. This accent color is key.
  • Look for a jacket with multiple buttons up the front for a timeless look. Avoid zippers which look too modern.
  • Select accompanying red pants that fit well over your belly padding and black belt. Suspenders can add a nice old-fashioned touch.
  • Find faux leather boots in classic black that rise just below your knees. They need to be practical for climbing in and out of chimneys.

Accessorizing Like an Expert

Now it’s time to add the finishing touches! Don’t forget:

  • White gloves are a must for keeping your hands warm and avoiding soot.
  • The iconic Santa hat with white fluff trim completes the look. Choose one that fits snuggly on your head.
  • A large buckled belt cinches the suit at the waist. Opt for black or brown leather.
  • Spectacles perched on your nose give you a wise, scholarly vibe. Go with half-moon or round glasses.
  • Stuff your padding so you have a nice round belly. A pillow or cushion works well.
  • Don’t forget the jolly rosy cheeks! A touch of red makeup really makes your look pop.

Perfecting Your Hair and Beard

Your lush, full white beard is vital to achieve an authentic Santa vibe. Here are beard and hair tips:

  • Bleach your beard and eyebrows white or purchase a quality fake beard. Keep it nicely groomed.
  • Use shampoo and conditioner to get your beard hair soft and untangled. Brush it regularly with a boar hair brush.
  • Apply beard oil and balm daily to moisturize and style it. Keep stray hairs neat with scissors or a trimmer.
  • Shape your beard with rounded edges to look nice and full. Keep the mustache neat.
  • Whiten your eyebrows as well for a cohesive look. An eyebrow pencil adds color if needed.
  • Grow out and style the hair on your head to be slightly long and wispy.

With the right suit and accessories, you’ll look like Santa just stepped out of a Christmas storybook!

Adopting a Jolly Santa Personality

Your character is just as important as your appearance when it comes to spreading holiday cheer. Here are tips for adopting a warm, infectious Santa personality:

Exude Happiness and Joy

Smile, laugh heartily, and display a cheerful attitude at all times. Your joy of the season should shine through. Kids can spot a phony Santa a mile away, so commit fully to a jolly persona.

Be Friendly and Engaging

Make lots of eye contact, lean in to listen, and speak warmly to each child. Show interest in their wishes and lives. An engaging Santa really connects with each person.

Speak with a Strong, Resonant Voice

Project your ho ho hos from deep in your belly. Use an enthusiastic tone and vary volume for emphasis. Avoid sounding tired, raspy, or dull.

Have Endless Patience and Compassion

Even when kids fuss, get scared, or change their mind, keep your cool. Offer patience, compassion, and a listening ear. Don’t forget your manners!

Use Playful Humor and Banter

Entertain kids with some light-hearted jokes and gentle teasing. Make playful observations about whether they look more nice or naughty. Keep things upbeat.

Stay Mysterious and Elusive

Don’t share too many North Pole secrets! Part of the magic is preserving a sense of mystery. Give short interesting answers with a twinkle in your eye.

Have Spritely Body Language

Display high energy levels with lively facial expressions and gestures. Inhabit the space – lean forward, throw your head back laughing, pat knees merrily.

With practice, you’ll have the warm and charming Santa personality down pat! Just remember to come from the heart.

Preparing Your North Pole Headquarters

You’ll spend most of your time leading up to Christmas stationed at the North Pole, overseeing your workshop. Here are tips for setting up the ideal Santa HQ:

Santa’s Village

This is the bustling hub of your operation in the Arctic. Make sure it includes:

  • Your stone and timber main house with a great room, kitchen, and bedroom suite
  • Workshops and warehouses for toymaking and present storage
  • A large stables building to house your reindeer
  • Ancillary buildings like an office, schoolhouse, and guest cottages
  • Whimsical streetlights, Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, etc. for decoration

Main Workshop

The main workshop should be housed in a large stone and stained wood building with high-peaked ceilings. Features to include:

  • Sturdy wooden worktables from which elves craft toys
  • Assembly lines for efficient production of toys
  • Storage shelves, stocked organized by toy type
  • A wrapping station with paper, ribbon, scissors, tape, etc.
  • Fireplaces and cozy seating nooks to take breaks
  • Windows to let in natural light (important since it’s dark six months a year!)

Elves’ Quarters

Your industrious elves need a place to recharge after long workshop days.

  • Provide cozy dorms with multiple bunk beds each for resting.
  • Have a large common room for socializing and eating home-cooked meals from the kitchen.
  • Include recreation space for the elves to unwind. Arts, games, exercise equipment.
  • Allow the mischief-makers to have fun while motivating them to stay on task. Finding balance is key with elves!

Reindeer Barn

Your loyal reindeer need an spacious, inviting home base too.

  • Build roomy stalls with fresh hay bedding for each reindeer.
  • Attach name plaques to each stall filled with their favorite snacks.
  • Include feeding troughs for water, grains, carrots and apples.
  • Build an adjoining large training ring for test drives of the sleigh.
  • Post motivational reindeer quotes on the walls for encouragement!

When your North Pole is optimally arranged, you’ll feel right at home as you prepare for the holidays ahead!

Organizing Your Naughty and Nice Lists

One of your most important jobs is keeping detailed Santa lists to track children’s behavior throughout the year. Here are tips for organizing your records:

Creating Your Master Database

  • Build a comprehensive digital database with fields for children’s names, locations, ages, wish lists, and naughty/nice status.
  • Update throughout the year. Elves can submit new child info as well as naughty and nice reports on existing ones.
  • Have tracker fields for notable accomplishments, new siblings, address changes, etc. Details matter!
  • Make sure data is complete by December 1st. Then finalize the sorting of who is naughty or nice for that year.
  • Back up your cloud-based lists in multiple places. You can’t be too careful with this sensitive info!

Categorizing Naughty and Nice Behavior

  • The “nice” list is for children who regularly demonstrate kindness, help others, obey parents, work hard in school, etc.
  • The “naughty” list is reserved only for severe or recurring bad behavior like bullying, lying, or breaking rules. Most kids aren’t perfect angels but don’t end up here.
  • Have an additional “needs improvement” list for minor offenses. This serves as a warning to encourage better choices.
  • Allow children a chance to reform if they have a change of heart. You’re never totally stuck on one list or the other.
  • On December 1st, make the final call on list status. Then focus on toy requests for the nice kids only.

With your database mastered, you’ll have no trouble keeping track of who deserves a visit on the big night!

Planning Your Delivery Route Logistics

Mapping out your trip is essential to maximize efficiency. Here are tips for route planning like a pro:

Studying Geography and Population Density

  • First review maps and charts showing population sizes, home density, and geography for regions around the globe.
  • Plan to start in the most remote, least populated areas first. Islands, deserts, rural farmlands, etc.
  • Move on to small towns and villages where homes are spread out.
  • Finish up in high density urban areas with tall apartments, condos, and row houses.
  • Adjust route timing and order from year to year based on changing populations. Your elves can help research and provide recommendations.

Allowing Enough Time Per Home

  • Estimate an average of 8-10 minutes spent at each household between cookie snacks, filling stockings, and arranging gifts.
  • Reduce time estimates for houses without chimneys or those without kids at home.
  • Pad time estimates in really dense neighborhoods where going house-to-house occurs quickly.
  • Build in several short 1-2 hour breaks spaced out in your route to stretch, refuel, and give your reindeer a rest.

Scheduling Your Take-Off and Landing

  • Take off from the North Pole right after nightfall on December 24 based on seasonally adjusted time zones.
  • Allow time for pre-flight preparations – suiting up, harnessing reindeer, loading toys, etc.
  • Plan your return landing for daybreak on December 25th to avoid being seen.
  • Factor in extra time Christmas Eve for poor weather conditions which could slow you down. It’s good to have a buffer.

Careful preparation is key for making your Christmas Eve journey go off without a hitch!

Adopting a Heart-Healthy Santa Diet

It takes fuel to power your toy delivery operation. As Santa, you can’t subsist only on cookies! Here is nutrition advice for maintaining your energy:

Sample Meal Plan

  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with berries, whole wheat toast, eggs, yogurt, juice
  • Lunch: Turkey sandwich with veggies, vegetable soup, fruit salad
  • Dinner: Baked chicken breast, brown rice pilaf, green salad, glass of milk
  • Snacks: Hummus and carrots, smoothie with protein powder, trail mix

Key Nutritional Tips

  • Fill half your plate with fruits and veggies to fit in vitamins.
  • Choose lean protein like poultry, fish, beans, nuts, eggs. Avoid fatty red meat.
  • Opt for whole grains like whole wheat bread, brown rice, quinoa to stay energized.
  • Limit sweets and junk food. Santa can’t live off cookies alone! Indulge on the holidays but practice moderation.
  • Stay hydrated with 8 glasses of water daily minimum. Limit sugary drinks.
  • Take a daily multi-vitamin to fill any nutritional gaps.
  • Get regular exercise! Stroll your workshop daily to stay active. Yoga keeps you limber for chimneys.

With a balanced Santa diet, you’ll have enough fuel for your marathon gift delivery!

Perfecting Your Ho Ho Ho

Your distinctive laugh spreads holiday cheer wherever you go. Here are tips for practicing your ho ho ho skills:

Warm Up Your Voice

  • Do breathing exercises to strengthen your diaphragm. Deep inhales and full exhales.
  • Sing some scales to loosen up your vocal cords and expand range.
  • Humming gently warms up your vocal tract and gets air flowing.

Master the Technique

  • Keep your throat relaxed, not strained. The laugh comes from your belly.
  • Make the ‘ho’s’ short and staccato. Say ”ha-ha-ha” fast, essentially.
  • Insert gusts of air between each “ho”, just like real laughter.
  • Project from your diaphragm to lend power. Let it resonate through your chest.

Apply Some Variety

  • Use different variations – short and long ho ho hos, different rhythms.
  • Adjust volume based on context. Softer for intimacy, louder for big crowds.
  • Try inhaled ho ho hos too by quickly breathing in.
  • Insert “he he” and “ha ha” sounds too for realism.

Practice Regularly

  • Set aside 10 minutes each day for ho ho ho training. Repetition cements muscle memory.
  • Practice while commuting, walking, showering – any spare moment!
  • Record yourself and listen back to spot areas to refine.

With dedication, your ho ho ho will be performance ready in no time!

Bonding With Your Reindeer

Your reindeer are your loyal partners on the big night. Developing relationships built on trust and respect is key. Here are tips for reindeer bonding:

Learn Their Unique Personalities

Reindeer have distinctive traits, likes, dislikes and quirks, just like people. Take time to get to know each one. Notice who is shy, bold, curious, anxious, etc. Respect their individuality.

Hand Feed Them Treats

Offer apples, carrots and sugar cubes by hand regularly. This forms positive associations and trust. Make sure antlers don’t poke your eyes!

Train Them Patiently

Work on essential skills like guiding the sleigh, navigating rooftops, and posing for photos. Use encouragement, not frustration. Progress will come through consistency.

Provide Enriching Experiences

Rotate a variety of toys into their stalls – balls to roll, tunnels to crawl through, puzzles with treats. Keep their minds active when not training.

Groom Them Daily

Brush their coats, massage their muscles, and pick their hooves. This relaxing ritual further deepens your bond.

Shower Them with Affection

Reindeer thrive on personal attention. Talk soothingly to them as you pet them. Your loving touch keeps them content.

By nurturing your reindeer herd as respected friends, not just transportation, you’ll inspire their best on Christmas Eve!

Motivating Your Elves

Your workshop elves form the backbone of your entire operation. Keeping them engaged leads to high productivity. Here are elf management tips:

Set Clear Expectations

Post checklists showing daily toy quotas and duties around the workshop. Clarify exactly what you expect. Leave no room for “misinterpretations.”

Build In Fun Rewards

Promise cookie breaks, movie nights, and holiday parties for teams that meet goals. Friendly competition motivates.

Lead with Enthusiasm

Project an energetic, passionate attitude. Your vibe sets the tone. If you act bored, the elves will be too.

Value Teamwork

Foster collaboration, not isolationism. Have elves buddy up on tasks. Teams should celebrate group accomplishments.

Catch Elves Doing Well

Notice good work immediately and offer praise. Don’t just criticize mistakes – recognize effort.

Allow Creative Freedom

Inviting input makes elves feel valued. Let them suggest efficiency improvements and showcase their skills.

Limit Distractions

Gently discourage socializing, guild meetings, and “reindeer betting pools” during work hours. Keep elves focused when on the clock.

By keeping your elves engaged as a team, your workshop will run smoothly all season!

Spreading Holiday Joy Year-Round

Your Santa duties don’t end on Christmas morning. Maintaining the Christmas spirit is a year-round endeavor.

Off-Season Preparations at the North Pole

Use the quieter months for transport maintenance, toy prototyping, inventory counts, elf training programs, and route planning. Always be preparing!

Vacation Travels

Make occasional summer appearances in tropical destinations to spread good cheer poolside or on the beach. Just leave the heavy suit at home.

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