How to Get Your Husband Out of the House: The Ultimate Guide for Wives Seeking More “Me Time”

how to get your husband out of the house

Do you ever feel like you just need some time to yourself without your husband constantly underfoot? As much as you may love your husband, having some alone time is important for any relationship. Luckily, there are plenty of clever and gentle ways to get your husband out of the house so you can enjoy some peaceful “me time.”

Grab His Attention with an Irresistible Activity

The key is finding something your husband truly enjoys doing outside of the house. Tailor it to his specific interests and he’ll be heading out the door in no time. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Schedule a Guys’ Night Out

Give your husband a fun excuse to head out for the evening by planning a guys’ night out. Call up a few of his buddies to meet up at a sports bar, comedy club, concert, poker night, or whatever suits their fancy. The prospect of hanging with the guys and enjoying a night on the town will have him eagerly awaiting some male bonding time.

Book Tickets to a Game or Show

Scan upcoming events in your local area and surprise your husband by getting tickets to something you know he’d love. It could be tickets to see his favorite sports team play, a concert featuring a band he adores, or a show starring a hilarious comedian he follows. He’ll be so pumped for the date night out he’ll practically run out the door!

Plan an Adventure Outing

Is your husband an adrenaline junkie? Organize an exciting day trip to give him his fix of adventure. Book a whitewater rafting trip, skydiving session, rock climbing excursion, zip line tour, or any thrilling activity to get his heart pumping. The promise of outdoor fun will whisk him away in no time.

Schedule a Guys’ Camping Trip

A weekend camping trip with his buddies is an easy way to give your husband a break from household hustle and bustle. Help him coordinate a backpacking excursion, fishing trip, hike through the woods, or just a night under the stars. Don’t forget the snacks and drinks! He’ll gladly trade the couch for a night in the great outdoors.

Tempt Him Out with Tasty Treats

Another reliable way to get your man out the door is promising yummy eats and drinks! Here are some savory suggestions:

  • Book a reservation at the new trendy restaurant in town he’s been dying to try. The hot new foodie spot will lure him out in a heartbeat!
  • Look up food festivals or craft beer/wine events happening nearby. The chance to sample great grub and drinks is tough for any foodie to resist.
  • Organize a pub crawl or brewery tour for him and his buddies. Tasting flights and pints at various watering holes? Count him in!
  • Surprise him with tickets to an indulgent food experience like a bacon, whiskey, or pizza festival. Any event celebrating his favorite bites or beverages is sure to pull him away.
  • Get tickets for a foodie class like a sushi rolling workshop, BBQ masterclass, cocktail mixing lesson, or wine tasting. He’ll jump at the opportunity to enhance his culinary skills and taste delicious creations.

Dangle Some Retail Therapy

What husband doesn’t enjoy indulging in a little retail therapy? Send your guy out shopping by offering deals he can’t refuse:

Promote a One-Day Sale

Does your husband have an online shopping addiction? Let him know his favorite brands are having a 24-hour flash sale or limited-time discount he can’t miss. Fear of missing out on a sale will have him sprinting out in search of shopping steals.

Give Him an Errand to Run

Send your husband off to pick up a few things at the store like tools from the hardware shop, new headphones from the electronics retailer, or sporting gear from the sporting goods emporium. Having an important “errand” will make him feel useful as you get the house to yourself!

Gift Cards for His Favorite Shops

Hand your husband gift cards to stores he loves like the Apple store, sports shops, car accessories retailer, clothes shops, or gaming supply outlet. The promise of “free money” to spend will instantly hook him. For max efficiency, look up any deals or discounts the stores are offering to stretch those gift cards even further!

Send Him Off with the Kids

Kids clamoring for attention driving you a bit nuts? Give yourself a break by sending your husband off with the kiddos for some one-on-one bonding and fun! Here are some kid-approved outings to try:

Outdoor Adventures

Send them on a hike, bike ride, trip to the park, round of mini golf, day at the zoo or children’s museum, or any other kid-friendly outdoor excursion. They’ll have a blast and come home happily tired.

Movie Matinee

Kids bouncing off the walls with energy? Whisk them away to an animated matinee for a couple hours of entertainment. Enjoy the peace and quiet as your living room transforms into a movie theater.

Mall Shopping Spree

Give your husband some cash to take the kids shopping at the mall. They’ll have a blast browsing toys, clothes, candy shops and coming home with new goodies while you relax!

Indoor Playground Trip

On rainy days, send your crew to run free at an indoor playground, trampoline park, or arcades with rides and games. An hour of bouncing, climbing and racing around will tucker them out!

Father-Kid Sporting Event

If you have sporty kids, get tickets for them and dad to attend a special father-kid event. Many pro sports teams and minor league clubs host events just for dads and kids to bond while watching a game together.

Pique His Interest in a Local Event

Your town is likely hosting fun local happenings that will pull your husband’s attention. Check community event calendars and bulletin boards for:

Car Shows

Does your man obsess over expensive sports cars or classic hot rods? There’s likely a niche car show coming to your area featuring his favorite makes and models. Many offer rides and hands-on interaction beyond just parking on the grass. Vroom vroom!

Home and Garden Shows

For the aspiring homeowner, entice your hubs to check out a home and garden show featuring the latest interior design trends, landscaping ideas, home improvement gadgets and gizmos. Hardware stores and DIYers’ paradise!

Maker Faires

If your husband is the creative, artsy type, get him to a local maker faire event. They are celebrations of DIY everything, from inventors showcasing gadgets to craft booths to hands-on workshops teaching woodworking, metalworking, 3D printing, robotics, and more!

County or State Fairs

In summertime, the county or state fair is nearly impossible for anyone to resist! Tempt your man with promises of live music, carnival rides, wacky fair foods, competitions for prize-winning produce or livestock, exhibits celebrating local agriculture, and old-fashioned family fun.

Appeal to His Inner History Buff

Does your husband get sucked into historical documentaries or museums? Fan the flames of his interests in the past by suggesting:

Local History Museum

Most towns, no matter how small, have some kind of local historical society or little museum dedicated to the area’s origins and notable events. Make it an educational family day by dragging him and the kids along to soak up some hometown knowledge.

Nearby Battlefield or Historical Site

If you live near sites of historical significance, encourage your man to plan an outing to walk the grounds and learn what took place there. Revolutionary and Civil War battlefields, forts, monuments, and any place of importance are ripe for exploring. It’s the perfect nerdy outing for a history lover.

Genealogy Research Day

Help your husband trace his family roots! Many local libraries allow you to access for free. Let him dive into public records to start piecing together his lineage. He may uncover some fascinating family history… and reporting his findings will keep him busy for hours.

Local Historical Society Talk

Look for intriguing lectures or talks sponsored by historical groups relevant to your man’s interests. Topics could cover military history, famous inventors, artists or architects, the local industrial revolution, Indigenous tribes of the region – anything historical he’d geek out over. Attending a talk lets him flex his knowledge and interact with fellow history buffs – score!

Send Him on a Wild Goose Chase

If all else fails, why not have a little fun by sending your hubby on a wild goose chase to find some mysterious prize? You’ll get him dashing all around town and he’ll be entertained for hours trying to solve your silly scavenger hunt!

Geocaching Adventures

Geocaching has participants hunting for hidden treasures outdoors using GPS coordinates. Register for a free account, then send your husband on a mission to locate boxes in obscure spots using geocaching apps and maps. He’ll be racing around the city searching high and low!

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of random silly items around town and have your husband snap photos of himself with them. Things like posing with a statue, getting a pic with a shop name that puns off his name, finding rare plants or animals, doing activities like swinging on a swing set, you name it! He’ll wander the neighborhood imaging creative shots.

Puzzle Hunt

Leave clues around the house directing your man from one hint to the next until he solves the overall “puzzle.” Include fun challenges like coding/logic puzzles, physical activities, trivia questions, or brain teasers to enhance the adventure. Promise a prize at the end like his favorite snack or bottle of wine to motivate him!

Geography Challenge

Put your husband’s geography and mapping skills to the test! Using Google Maps, give him a set of coordinates and have him identify the location or landmark. See how many random spots around the globe he can figure out. Extra points for Street View exploration! It’s educational, fun, and will keep him endlessly distracted searching the world from his computer screen.

Frequently Asked Questions for Wives Seeking Alone Time

Getting your husband out of the house isn’t always easy, even with plenty of fun temptations to send him packing. Here are some common troubleshooting questions and answers:

What if my husband doesn’t want to leave?

If your husband is resistant to heading out, try compromising so he still feels involved and informed. For example, ask him to first help tidy up the house and do any needed errands for you to make the alone time productive. Set a firm return time so he knows it’s not an endless separation. Plan to do something fun together the next day so he has that to look forward to as well!

How do I deal with the guilt of banishing my husband?

It’s totally normal to feel a little guilty about wanting time apart from your spouse. Just remember that getting space to pursue your own interests will ultimately strengthen your marriage by keeping your sense of self intact. Alone time helps you destress and recharge so you’re happier together in the long run. Your mental health matters!

What if we have pets at home to care for?

Come up with pet care so your husband doesn’t have to feel guilty about leaving furry friends behind. Consider hiring a neighborhood pet sitter, asking a friend to pop in and feed them, or even dropping them at doggy daycare for a few hours of playtime while you have the house to yourself!

How often should I get time away from my husband?

There’s no magic formula, but in healthy relationships both partners are able to enjoy regular intervals of alone time and independent activities. Try alternating who gets the house to themselves on weekends, or setting up designated weekly nights where one spouse goes out while the other stays in. Communicate openly about what frequency works best so neither of you feels neglected!

What should I actually do during my alone time?

The options are endless! Take a luxurious bubble bath, binge your favorite shows, cook yourself a delicious meal, video chat friends, meditate or do yoga, dance around and sing karaoke, try a new hobby like painting…really anything that relaxes, rejuvenates, and recharges you. This time is for focusing on your needs.

Getting much-needed breathing room in your marriage does require some planning, communication, and creativity. But the effort is well worth it for both your sanity. Hopefully these tips have inspired you with plenty of lighthearted ways to get your husband out of the house when you start feeling overwhelmed and just need some peaceful alone time. Now stop reading and go enjoy that blissful freedom – you’ve earned it!

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