how to go grocery shopping with a newborn

How to Go Grocery Shopping with a Newborn

Grocery shopping is an essential task that we all need to do, even new moms with newborns. However, going shopping with a newborn can be overwhelming and challenging. But fret not, as this article will guide you on how to go grocery shopping with your newborn stress-free.

Before You Go

Planning ahead and preparing before leaving home can help make your shopping trip smoother.

  • Plan ahead: figure out what you need before leaving the house. Make a list of items you need so that you don’t forget anything.
  • Feed your baby: since grocery trips can be quite long, feed your baby before leaving home. This way, they will not get hungry while you’re at the store.
  • Pack your diaper bag: include essentials such as diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, pacifiers, and bottles if needed. Make sure to also pack any snacks or drinks for yourself.

Choosing the Right Time to Go

Choosing the right time to go grocery shopping can make all the difference.

  • Avoid peak hours: try to avoid going during peak hours when stores are busiest. Fewer people mean fewer distractions and less stress for you and your baby.
  • Go when your newborn is well-rested and fed: it’s best to go when your baby is well-fed, rested, alert, and in a good mood. This will help ensure they don’t get cranky or fussy while you’re shopping.

Getting to the Store

There are different ways of getting to the store – choose the one that works best for you and your baby.

  • Use delivery or pickup services: if possible, consider using delivery or pickup services. This way, you can avoid taking your newborn to the store entirely.
  • Necessary items for car travel with a newborn: if you need to drive to the store, make sure to have necessary items such as a car seat, sunshade, and extra blankets.

Navigating the Store

Navigating the store can be made much easier with some essential tools.

  • Using a carrier or stroller: using a carrier or stroller can help keep your baby close and safe while you shop.
  • Making use of cart seat covers: many stores provide cart seat covers that are available free of charge. These can help protect your baby from germs and bacteria on the cart.

Handling Your Newborn During the Shopping Trip

Managing your newborn’s feeding times and finding suitable spaces for nursing or pumping are essential while shopping.

  • Managing feeding times: feeding is crucial in keeping your baby happy while shopping. Try to feed them before heading out, then feed them again if they get hungry during the trip.
  • Finding private spaces for nursing or pumping: many stores now provide nursing rooms or family rooms where moms can nurse or pump in comfort and privacy.

Checking Out and Leaving the Store

The final steps of grocery shopping with your newborn are checking out and leaving.

  • Payment methods: choose a payment method that is quick and easy, such as contactless payment options like mobile payments or credit cards.
  • Taking breaks as needed: taking breaks if necessary is essential if your baby gets fussy or needs a diaper change.

Other Helpful Tips

Here are some additional helpful tips to make grocery shopping with your newborn more comfortable.

  • Making use of available support systems: asking for guidance and help from family, friends, or store employees can make shopping easier.
  • Identifying the store’s amenities: know what the store provides in terms of amenities such as carts with infant seats, nursing rooms, or family restrooms.


Going grocery shopping with a newborn can seem daunting, but planning ahead and being prepared can make all the difference. Knowing when to go to the store, what to pack in your diaper bag, and finding suitable feeding spaces can help provide a stress-free experience.

Final Recommendations

Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed when grocery shopping with your infant. Think of this experience as an adventure with your little one. Remember that with proper planning and preparation, you can do it!

FAQs on How to Go Grocery Shopping with a Newborn

Q: When is the best time to go grocery shopping with a newborn?

The best time to go grocery shopping with a newborn is when they are fed, changed and well-rested. This will help keep them happy and content during the trip.

Q: What should I bring with me when grocery shopping with a newborn?

  • Diaper bag
  • Baby carrier or stroller
  • Bottle or pacifier (if needed)
  • Extra blanket or clothing in case of spills or accidents

Q: Can I take my newborn into the store without a car seat?

No, it is not safe to take your newborn into the store without a car seat. Use a baby carrier, stroller or attach the car seat to the shopping cart for safety.

Q: What if my newborn starts crying in the store?

  • Take a break and find a quiet spot to soothe your baby.
  • If possible, have someone else finish up the shopping while you tend to your newborn.

Q: Should I sanitize the shopping cart before putting my newborn in it?

Yes, it’s important to sanitize the shopping cart before placing your newborn in it. Many stores offer sanitizing wipes near the carts.

Q: How can I make grocery shopping with a newborn easier?

  • Create a grocery list beforehand to save time and minimize stress.
  • Avoid crowded times and choose quieter times when the store is less busy.
  • Consider using online delivery or curbside pickup if available.

Q: Can I breastfeed my newborn in the store?

Yes, you can breastfeed your newborn in the store if needed. Find a quiet and private area to do so or use a nursing cover to provide privacy.

keys takeaways

4 Key Takeaways for Groceries with a Newborn

  1. Plan Ahead: Schedule shopping trips outside of feeding and nap times to avoid undue stress on both you and your baby.
  2. Invest in Gear: A sturdy stroller or baby carrier can make all the difference when navigating grocery stores. Don’t forget a diaper bag stocked with essentials.
  3. Prioritize Simplicity: Opt for pre-packaged produce, canned goods, and dry foods to simplify shopping trips and reduce prep time at home.
  4. Take Breaks: It’s okay to take some time to feed, change, or simply comfort your baby during your outing. Allow yourself grace and remember that grocery shopping with a newborn is just one small part of motherhood.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to shop with confidence while keeping both you and your little one happy!