How to Make Show-Stopping Unicorn Bling for Face Painting

Unicorn bling is the sparkly embellishment that takes basic face painting to a magical new level. With the right materials and techniques, you can create dazzling unicorn horns, gem clusters, and glitter designs that will make any face radiate mythological beauty. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know to make professional-quality unicorn bling for face painting that wows crowds at kids’ parties, festivals, fairs, and more.

Gathering Supplies for Unicorn Bling

The first step in making unicorn bling is gathering the right supplies. Here are the main items you’ll need:

  • Glitter – Fine glitter adds shimmer and sparkle. Choose bright, unicorn-friendly colors like purple, blue, pink, rainbow mixes.
  • Rhinestones – Hotfix and flatback rhinestones come in various sizes and shapes to accent bling.
  • Gems – Flatback gems or costume jewels work for clusters. Get unicorn colors.
  • Sequins – Add pops of color and texture with sequins. Pick holographic for extra bling.
  • Adhesives – Spirit gum or pros aide are safe for skin and keep bling in place.
  • Clay – Air dry clay or modeling clay is perfect for sculpting horn shapes.
  • Acrylic paints – Paint horns and bases with acrylics in custom unicorn colors.
  • Foam sheets – Fun foam or craft foam make sturdy bases for gem clusters.
  • Felt – Soft felt in rainbow colors can also be used for cluster bases.
  • Brushes – Detail brushes for applying spirit gum and painting details.
  • Hot glue gun – Helpful for quickly adhering embellishments to bases.

When purchasing supplies, make sure adhesives are non-toxic and safe for skin contact. Get enough variety in colors and shapes for mixing and matching pieces.

Sculpting Unicorn Horns from Clay

One of the most iconic parts of a unicorn costume is the sparkly horn protruding from the forehead. You can sculpt quality unicorn horns from air dry clay that look like the real thing when painted and decorated.

Choosing the Right Clay

Air dry clays are lightweight and easy to work with. They harden naturally without baking. Some good options are:

  • Crayola Model Magic
  • ACTIVA Air Dry Clay
  • Hearty Modeling Clay

Polymer clays like Sculpey can also be used. They harden when baked according to package directions. Choose a clay that’s easy to sculpt smoothly.

Sculpting the Horn Shape

To sculpt a unicorn horn:

  1. Knead a chunk of clay until soft and pliable. The amount needed will vary based on horn size.
  2. Roll and taper the clay to form a cone shape about 6-8 inches long.
  3. Use your fingers to smooth and shape the horn, creating a graceful curve.
  4. For a spiral horn, roll a thin rope of clay and wrap it around the horn in a spiral. Blend together.
  5. Add any extra details or textures as desired with clay tools.
  6. Allow completed horns to air dry fully before continuing.

The great thing about hand sculpting horns is you can customize sizes and shapes for a unique, handmade look.

Painting Techniques for Unicorn Horns

Once dried, it’s time to paint the horns. Acrylic craft paints work best for adhering to clay and creating vibrant unicorn colors.

Some tips for painting clay horns:

  • Start by painting a white base coat over the entire horn. Let dry.
  • Use a detail brush to add stripes, dots, and designs with bright acrylic colors.
  • Add layers of glitter paints or use glitter glaze for sparkling accents.
  • Seal with a clear acrylic sealer when finished to protect the paint.
  • For extra dimension, dry brush lighter colors over ridges and edges.

Take your time painting the horns to get clean, eye-catching designs. The colors and patterns you choose are up to you – go wild with rainbows or pastels!

Attaching Horns Securely

The final step is attaching the finished unicorn horns securely to the model’s forehead. Pros aide or spirit gum adhesives work best for adhering to skin safely.

To apply horns:

  • Clean and dry the skin where the horn will be placed.
  • Apply a thin layer of pros aide to the inside base of the horn.
  • Press the horn firmly onto the skin and hold for 30 seconds.
  • Use an additional dab of adhesive over any edges that won’t stay down.
  • Allow to dry completely before wearing.
  • To remove, slowly peel horns away from skin. Use oil or adhesive remover to get any residue off.

Properly attached horns will stay on securely through a full day of prancing and magical play.

Creating Sparkling Unicorn Gem Clusters

Another fun way to add unicorn bling is by making colorful clusters of gems, sequins, and rhinestones. These can be placed on the cheeks, forehead, or anywhere you want a burst of radiance.

Making Bases for Gem Clusters

First make a sturdy base for building up the embellishments. Good options are:

  • Craft foam sheets – Trace cluster shapes and cut out with scissors.
  • Felt – Cut into desired shapes with craft scissors.
  • Cardstock – Cut cardstock into geometric shapes.
  • Air dry clay – Sculpt freeform cluster shapes and let harden.

Cut the bases into interesting shapes like stars, hearts, clouds, triangles. Make them about 2-4 inches wide.

Decorating the Gem Cluster

Time for the fun part – decorating the bases with sparkly gems and embellishments.

  • Paint the base first in bright acrylic colors and let dry.
  • Use hot glue (carefully!) to attach rhinestones, sequins, and gems in layers.
  • Add dots of glue and sprinkle glitter over for extra unicorn magic.
  • Accent with painted details, metallic rub-ons, or glitter glaze.
  • Let fully dry before wearing.

Layer the pieces for cool textures and depth. Work from larger to smaller pieces for best results.

Applying Gem Clusters to Skin

Stick gem clusters securely to skin just like unicorn horns.

  • Clean and dry the area where cluster will be placed.
  • Apply pros aide or spirit gum adhesive to the back.
  • Press onto skin firmly for 30 seconds.
  • Hold a few extra seconds over any lifted edges.
  • Allow to fully dry before wearing.

For safety when wearing, avoid placing clusters near eyes, mouth, or sensitive facial areas. Remove gently at the end of the day.

Dazzling Unicorn Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos are a quick, easy way to add sparkle that you can customize with unicorn designs. These temporary tats last through a full day of prancing and partying.

Creating Unicorn Designs

First map out the unicorn design in washable marker. Some ideas:

  • Rainbows – Draw curving or zigzag rainbow shapes.
  • Stars – Outline star shapes of different sizes.
  • Hearts – Add colorful hearts for a loving look.
  • Flowers – Draw daisies, roses, and other blooms.
  • Words – Add a name, phrase, or fun wording.

Sketch lightly in washable marker, so the design is visible but won’t show through the glitter.

Applying the Glitter Tattoo

Next, go over the marker lines with glitter glue to create sparkling unicorn body art.

  • Trace directly over each line with glitter glue.
  • Before it dries, pat glitter over the wet glue.
  • Apply different colors to different sections.
  • Cover the entire design with an even layer of fine glitter.
  • Allow to fully dry.
  • Seal by spraying with hairspray or brushing on clear nail polish.

When applying near eyes or lips, use cosmetic-grade glitters labeled non-toxic. Avoid chunky craft glitters.

Removing Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tats can last up to several days before fading or flaking away on their own. To remove, simply soak the area with makeup remover or baby oil, then gently rub off. Never pull or pick at the tattoos. Any remaining glitter will come off with regular washing.

Re-draw designs as desired to keep the unicorn bling going strong!

Pulling the Look Together with Unicorn Makeup

Face painting isn’t complete without coordinating makeup to finish the unicorn illusion. Use these tips to add makeup magic:

Rainbow Eyeshadow

Use a spectrum of eyeshadows to create a rainbow eye look.

  • Apply a white shimmer shadow all over lids as a base.
  • Pack on stripes or blocks of different bright shades.
  • Blend out edges for a gradient rainbow effect.
  • Add whimsical details like stars and hearts with liquid liner.

Sweep on mascara and add false lashes for a fantastical eye look.

Unicorn Face Gems

Accent with stick-on face gems around the eyes, cheeks, and forehead.

  • Clean skin and apply gems where desired.
  • For extra hold, dot a bit of lash glue under larger gems.
  • Try colorful shapes like stars, hearts, triangles, circles.
  • Fill in gaps between gems with glitter liner or face paint.

Use high-quality costume gems designed for face application. Check that kids’ skin won’t react before applying.

Glitter Lipstick & Gloss

Finish with a sparkling lip look.

  • Line lips with a bright color like pink, purple, or blue.
  • Fill in with an ultra-pigmented glitter lipstick.
  • Top with a holographic glitter gloss for non-stop shine.

For safest application, use cosmetic-grade glitters made for lips. Apply gloss over lipstick, not directly onto skin.

Unicorn Bling Safety Tips

While unicorn bling adds a fun magical touch, follow these tips to keep models safe:

  • Test adhesives and makeup first to check for skin reactions. Avoid use near eyes and lips.
  • Carefully supervise children during application. Avoid near nose and mouth.
  • Use cosmetic-grade glitters and embellishments designed for face use.
  • Follow all package directions and warnings for face paints, adhesives, glitter, and craft materials.
  • Remove embellishments gently at the end of the day with oil or adhesive remover.
  • Monitor for redness, itching, or other irritation during wear. Discontinue use if any occurs.
  • Keep embellishments away from the edges of the face.
  • Never apply pros aide, spirit gum, or adhesives near eyes, nostrils, or lips.
  • Do not apply glitter or gems inside the mouth or near eyes.

By following safety best practices, you can create dazzling unicorn bling that delights without causing harm.

Unicorn Bling Adds Mythical Joy to Any Face Paint Design

With the right supplies and techniques, you can take basic face painting from blah to brilliant by adding handcrafted unicorn bling. Sculpting clay horns, clustering gems, and drawing glitter tats allows you to customize sparkle to match any costume or magical character. While blinging it up, just be sure to keep safety in mind. Follow the steps in this guide and you’ll have happy unicorns prancing in style wherever their magical journeys take them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sculpt air dry clay into unicorn horns, paint with acrylics, and decorate with glitter and gems. Use spirit gum to adhere horns to skin.
  • Cut foam or felt into bases for gem clusters. Decorate with rhinestones, glitter, and sequins using hot glue. Stick to skin with pros aide.
  • Draw unicorn designs on skin with washable marker. Fill in with glitter glue and glitter for sparkling tats.
  • Finish the look with rainbow eyeshadow, face gems, and glitter lipstick and gloss.
  • Follow all safety precautions when working near the eyes and mouth. Test products for reactions before extensive use.

With the right supplies and techniques, you can create beautiful, unique unicorn bling perfect for any enchanting face paint design. Add magic and whimsy to kids’ parties, festivals, fairs, and any event with handcrafted embellishments that make faces shine.


Unicorn bling brings face painting to a dazzling new level. This guide covered all the steps needed to make realistic unicorn horns, gem clusters, glitter tats, and more using safe techniques. Always focus on safety and proper application when adding bling near the eyes and mouth. Test products beforehand and supervise children during application. With the right glittery materials and a lot of creativity, you can craft unicorn embellishments perfect for any mystical costume or character.