How to Make Thoughtful DIY Father’s Day Gifts in 2023

Father’s Day is a special time to celebrate the father figures in your life. Making a homemade gift adds meaning and shows you care. With some creativity and effort, you can make DIY Father’s Day gifts that will be cherished for years to come. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to craft thoughtful Father’s Day gifts he’s sure to love.


Father’s Day lands on Sunday, June 18 in 2023. Now is the perfect time to start planning unique gifts to make for the dads and father figures in your life.

Homemade presents require more time and effort, but they also come from the heart. DIY Father’s Day gifts show you took the time to create something special. Even if you’re not crafty, simple gifts like baked goods or a handwritten letter can still mean a lot.

This guide will walk through craft ideas, edible treats, practical gifts, and ways to personalize presents. With some creativity and these tips, you can make Father’s Day gifts that show appreciation, are tailored to his interests, and look like you bought them from a store.

Craft Ideas for DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Handmade crafts make excellent Father’s Day gift ideas. They allow you to add personal touches and creativity. Here are some easy DIY crafts to make dad for Father’s Day:

Photo Collage

A photo collage makes for a heartfelt gift. Arrange printed photos of special memories into a picture frame or DIY poster board. Add decorative elements like cardstock, patterned scrapbook paper, or washi tape. Write captions for the photos to document favorite memories together.

Handprint Items

For parents with young kids, handprint crafts make cherished keepsakes. Cut out cardstock in the shape of your child’s handprint. Glue it onto an item like a mug, picture frame, or canvas. Let the kids decorate with markers, paint, or their handprints. Personalize it with a touching quote.

Personalized Sports Gear

If dad is a big sports fan, make him personalized gear for his favorite team. Get a plain t-shirt, jersey, or cap and use fabric paint pens to add numbers, names, phrases, or doodles. Arrange felt or vinyl team logo shapes with an iron-on adhesive.

Coupon Book

Make a cute coupon book filled with special offers dad can redeem. Include coupons for things like a car wash, home-cooked meal, fancy coffee, movie night, yard work help, etc. Get creative and tailor it to his interests. Print them on cardstock, hole punch them, and bind it together.

Handprint Tie

Create a one-of-a-kind tie for dad’s wardrobe. Buy a plain silk tie and use fabric paint in contrasting colors to make handprints all over it. Outline the prints with more paint when dried. Finish it off by writing a message like “handpicked for you.”

Edible DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Treats from the kitchen make tasty DIY gifts for dads with a sweet tooth. Bake dad’s favorites or make food baskets with his preferred snacks. Here are some edible DIY Father’s Day gift ideas:

Dad’s Recipe Cookbook

Compile family recipes handwritten into a decorated cookbook. Include classic dishes dad loves and hand-drawn artwork. Recreate old recipes from his childhood or passed down from grandparents. Bind it together and create a front cover with a special message.

Baked Goods

Delight dads with their favorite homemade baked goods. Make cookies, cupcakes, brownies, or other desserts decorated for the occasion. Include a loving note with the treats like “you’re the greatest, cookie.” Package them in a gift basket or tin.

DIY Hot Sauce

For dads who love spicy cuisine, blended hot sauces make savory edible gifts. Look up recipes using peppers, spices, vinegar, and flavorings. Bottle the sauce in containers with customized labels. Attach a clever hot sauce name like “World’s Best Dad Sauce.”

Beer Bread

Quick breads made with beer make fun gifts for beer-loving dads. Bake tasty combinations like beer cheddar bread, beer pumpkin bread, or beer pretzel bread. Shape and decorate the loaves to look like beer bottles and label them “Best Dad Brews.”

BBQ Rubs & Sauces

Make Dad gift baskets filled with your original dry rubs and BBQ sauces tailored to his grilling style. Include recipes and arrange in jars, bottles, or shakers with fun personalized labels.

Practical DIY Father’s Day Gifts

In addition to creative arts and crafts or edible treats, practical homemade gifts can also warm Dad’s heart. Useful DIY presents for Father’s Day include:

Home Improvement Project

Offer to take on a home repair, update, or project Dad has been putting off. Paint a room, hang decor, refinish old furniture, or tackle repairs. Apply your DIY skills to fix something around the house to make his space more enjoyable.

Car Cleaning

Give Dad’s vehicle some extra care with a full detail cleaning. Wash and vacuum the interior. Clean the windows, dash, engine bay, and exterior. Apply wax, shine the rims, and make it look brand new. Offer to keep his car maintained with regular cleaning.

Tech Help

Provide personalized tech support to optimize Dad’s devices and improve his digital life. Help computerize records, digitize old media, expand cloud storage, customize settings, organize photos, or whatever tech tasks he needs. Set up new gadgets and offer ongoing tech assistance.

Lawn Care

Give the gift of yard work help by mowing, weeding, pruning, trimming, fertilizing, or tending to outdoor needs. Maintain the lawn and landscaping so Dad’s yard always looks neat. Take over the outdoor chores he dislikes to give him more weekend relaxation.

Closet Organization

De-clutter dad’s closet with updated storage and organization. Add shelves, bins, or baskets. Install a tie rack or shoe organizer. Arrange clothes by season, type, or color. Donate old items and make room for new favorites to keep his wardrobe functional.

Personalized DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Add sentimental touches to DIY Father’s Day gifts by personalizing them. Make presents unique with his name, monogram, favorite things, inside jokes, photos, or other custom details. Ways to personalize gifts include:

Handwritten Card or Letter

Handwrite a heartfelt card or letter to make a personalized keepsake. Share favorite memories, express what he means to you, tell inside jokes, or reflect on the ways he made your life better. Decorate the message with embellishments that represent your relationship.


Make a custom scrapbook filled with meaningful moments and memories with dad. Decorate pages with photos, ticket stubs, handwritten notes, and other mementos from your life together. Create elaborate designs or keep it simple. Add captions to tell the story.

Spotify Playlist

Curate a playlist on Spotify with songs and artists dad loves. Include meaningful tunes from family road trips, weddings, and special times together. Name it something thoughtful like “Dad’s Favorites.” Print a personalized playlist cover and share the link.

Monogrammed Accessories

Monogram and customize accessories to suit dad’s style. Add his initials or name to items like a money clip, tie clip, cuff links, handkerchiefs, luggage tag, or keychain. Choose designs that reflect his hobbies, career, or traits.

Framed Artwork

Make Dad custom wall art showcasing something meaningful. Frame a custom map with special locations marked. Display kids’ artwork or a family tree. Arrange photos in a collage that tells a story. Add graphics, quotes, or designs that represent his interests.

DIY Father’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make

Get the whole family involved in crafting homemade Father’s Day gifts. Kids can make thoughtful presents to show their love for Dad. Simple kid-friendly DIY gift ideas include:

Handprint Flower Pot

Have kids paint terra cotta flower pots using their own handprints. Fill the pots with potting soil and dad’s favorite seeds or plants. Create stems and leaves with more painted handprints. Add a sweet, sincere message.

Photo Puzzle

Glue a fun photo of dad and the kids onto cardboard and cut it into large puzzle pieces. Decorate the pieces with crayons, stickers, or washi tape in dad’s favorite colors. Put it in a gift box so he can assemble the photo puzzle.

Rock Paperweight

Collect rocks and have the kids paint and decorate them individually to form a paperweight. Use acrylic paint to add colors, fun designs, and kind messages. Place the rocks in order in a shadowbox frame to display on dad’s desk.

Handprint Mousepad

For the techy father figure, make a custom mousepad with handprints. Buy a plain mousepad and use fabric paint or ink pads to add colorful handprints in a fun design. Top with an acrylic sealer spray when dry.

DIY Coffee Mug

Make dad a personalized coffee mug for his daily dose of caffeine. Have the kids color or paint a plain ceramic mug. Use a paint pen to add cute messages when dry like “World’s Best Dad” or “Made with Love.”

Creative Ways to Wrap DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Part of the fun of homemade gifts is coming up with clever wrapping ideas. Wrap presents in fun materials or containers to add an element of surprise. DIY wrapping ideas for Father’s Day gifts include:

Scavenger Hunt Clues

Send dad on a scavenger hunt to find his gift. Leave a series of clues leading to different locations and small gifts, ending with the main present. Write rhyming verses or riddles on cards for hints.

Layered Gift Boxes

Put gifts inside a series of increasingly larger boxes wrapped in dad’s favorite colors to pique curiosity. Add tissue paper between layers and customize each box. Write clues on the lids guiding him to keep opening.

Map Gift Wrap

Glue a map onto kraft paper or wrapping paper that marks special spots from family trips. Wrap gifts with personalized map paper and tie it together with twine. Attach a gift tag with a meaningful note.

Gardening Gift Basket

Place gardening tools or seeds in a basket or watering can wrapped with burlap, raffia, or jute ribbon. Include gardening gloves and a sun hat for a cute Father’s Day gardening care package.

Grilling Gift Basket

Fill a grilling set or crate with BBQ essentials like sauces, rubs, mitts, aprons, basting brushes, and utensils. Decorate with raffia, ribbon, and fabric scraps for a grilling-themed Father’s Day gift.

Creative Ways to Deliver Father’s Day Gifts

Personalize the gift giving experience by brainstorming fun delivery ideas. Surprise dad with DIY gifts packaged in unexpected containers or places. Unique gift delivery methods include:

Scavenger Hunt

Send dad on an exciting scavenger hunt to ultimately discover his gift. Leave clues guiding him from spot to spot. Place small trinkets or gifts along the way. Build anticipation and let the kids participate.

Sock Drawer Surprise

Hide gifts inside dad’s dresser for a silly surprise. Insert small presents inside his rolled socks or tuck them into pockets. Leave fun clues prompting him to check the dresser so he discovers the gifts.

Piñata Party

Fill a piñata with dad’s favorite treats and small gifts. Gather the family to take turns whacking the piñata with a stick until it breaks open. Make it a fun game or competition to build excitement.

Treasure Hunt

Bury a gift chest in the yard and create a treasure map leading to the location. Mark a trail with ropes or signs. Provide a shovel upon arrival so dad can literally dig up his gift for a fun adventure.

Beverage Surprise

Put gifts inside empty cans, bottles, or cartons of dad’s favorite drinks. Wrap them and refrigerate so they look normal. Wait for him to open and be delighted by the hidden present inside.

Upgrade Store-Bought Gifts with DIY Touches

If you need to take shortcuts on time-consuming homemade gifts, add handmade elements to store-bought presents. Personalize pre-made items with these DIY gift upgrades:

  • Attach a personalized gift tag with a loving message
  • Include a handwritten letter or poem
  • Create custom wrapping paper
  • Make a photo album of memories to go with the gift
  • Cook dad’s favorite meal or baked treat
  • Assemble a gift basket filled with his preferred snacks or tools related to the gift item
  • Decorate the gift bag or box with paint, stickers, or embellishments
  • Frame a meaningful photo or kids’ artwork to complement the gift
  • Create DIY gift coupons or vouchers dad can redeem
  • Record a personalized song, dance, or lip sync performance and put it on a USB drive

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Based on Interests

Tailor DIY gifts to dad’s unique interests and hobbies to make them extra meaningful. Match presents to what he loves to do for leisure. Gift ideas based on some popular dad hobbies include:

For the Outdoorsman

  • Custom hiking stick
  • Campfire cooking set
  • Monogrammed utility knife
  • Handmade lures or fishing flies
  • Nature sketchbook

For the Chef

  • DIY cookbook of family recipes
  • Spice rack with jarred blends
  • BBQ/grilling crate
  • Custom apron or chef’s hat
  • Pizza making kit

For the Handyman

  • Engraved multi-tool or toolbox
  • Monogrammed work gloves
  • Home improvement coupons
  • Customized tape measure
  • Personalized construction sign

For the Sports Fan

  • Ticket stub photo display
  • Personalized jersey or cap
  • Autographed gear or cards
  • Custom cornhole game set
  • Sports accessory gift basket

For the Tech Lover

  • Cell phone photo printer
  • External battery charger
  • Custom mousepad
  • Monogrammed iPad case
  • Nostalgic video game cartridge

For the Car Buff

  • sentimental license plate with inside joke
  • Customized car care kit
  • Monogrammed auto accessories
  • Nostalgic model car of his first car
  • Home theater sized for car watching

For the Coffee Addict

  • Custom travel mug
  • DIY flavor syrups
  • Subscription to coffee club
  • Bag of favorite coffee beans
  • Coffee table books

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Based on Relationship

Consider your unique relationship when brainstorming homemade Father’s Day gifts. Pick projects that highlight special things about your bond. Gift ideas based on different dad relationships include:

For Grandfathers

  • Ancestry family tree poster or scrapbook
  • Nostalgic photo collage from your childhood
  • Handwritten recipes passed down through generations
  • Custom bingo game with family trivia
  • Gardening starter kit

For Stepdads

  • DIY coupon book for quality time together
  • Photo display from milestones as a blended family
  • Monogrammed sports/grilling accessories
  • Custom artwork made by kids
  • Meaningful card with heartfelt message

For Father-In-Law

  • Frame meaningful wedding photo
  • Create family cookbook with his faves
  • Scrapbook documenting your relationship
  • Lawn care or car wash coupons
  • Monogrammed golf accessories

For Expecting Dads

  • Coupon book for baby help
  • Customizable “Dad est. 2023” tee
  • Hand/footprint picture frame kit
  • Onesie decorated by siblings
  • Diaper caddy filled with supplies

For New Dads

  • Step-by-step guide to baby gadgets
  • Playlist of beloved songs to share
  • Photo display of first memories together
  • Handprint shadow box frame
  • Coupons for diaper changes and sleep-ins

Sentimental Keepsake DIY Father’s Day Gifts

In addition to interests, make presents meaningful by creating keepsakes Dad can treasure forever. Sentimental DIY gift ideas include:

Legacy Interview

Interview dad and loved ones about his life story, advice, and milestones. Transcribe it into a book to preserve memories and life lessons for generations. Compile family photos and include space for future generations to add their stories.

Memory Capsule

Make a Father’s Day time capsule gift by decorating a box and filling it with nostalgic memorabilia. Include favorite photos, ticket stubs, children’s artwork, personalized notes, and trinkets from special times together. Seal the box up and plan to open it together later.

Fingerprint Cuff Links

Make custom cuff links using dad and kids’ fingerprints. Press fingertips coated in stamp pad ink onto metal blanks. Seal with an epoxy resin coating when dry. Attach cuff link backings. Now he can keep family close at hand.

Hand Tracing Growth Chart

For parents of young kids, trace childrens’ hands on a canvas each year and date the outlines. Watch their growth each Father’s Day. Decorate the canvas with handprints using paint or ink pads. Personalize with names and dates.

Dad Sig Fig

Turn dad into an art piece by tracing his silhouette on black paper. Hang it in his favorite space or office so he’s always there in spirit. For extra fun, make silhouette figures of the whole family together.

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