How to Successfully Summon the Tooth Fairy

Losing your first tooth is an exciting milestone in a child’s life. But the thrill of wiggling that loose tooth out of your mouth is nothing compared to the joy of waking up to find that the tooth fairy has left you a gift during the night!

As a parent, you want to make your child’s first lost tooth experience as magical as possible. You’ve probably seen the sparkle in their eyes when they discover that their tooth is finally ready to come out. Now it’s time to deliver on the stories you’ve told them about the tooth fairy and her nighttime tooth collecting duties.

Calling the tooth fairy and getting her to show up at just the right time can be tricky though. That’s why I’ve put together this comprehensive guide on how to contact the tooth fairy to set up a tooth pickup and exchange. Follow these tips and your child will awake to find a wonderful surprise waiting for them in exchange for their lost tooth.

When to Call the Tooth Fairy

Timing is everything when it comes to successfully summoning the tooth fairy. You need to make first contact at just the right moment to avoid any tooth fairy missed connections! Here are some key tips on when to reach out:

Wait Until the Tooth is Out

It’s important not to jump the gun and call the tooth fairy too soon. She’s a very busy fairy with a full schedule of tooth collections each night. The tooth fairy will only come once the tooth has actually come out of the mouth and can be left for her. Having your child write her a short note or make a drawing of their lost tooth are great ways to let the tooth fairy know the big event has happened once the tooth is out.

Bedtime is Best

Late evening, right around bedtime is the prime time to contact the tooth fairy. You want to make sure you give her a heads up with enough time so she can work your house into her route for that night. If it’s too late in the evening, she may already be out on her rounds. Aim to reach out just when your child is getting ready for bed.

Don’t Wait Too Long

While you don’t want to jump the gun, you also want to avoid waiting too long to call the tooth fairy either. Once your child has drifted off to sleep is when her nightly work begins. If you haven’t given the TF enough notice before bedtime, she may not have time to gather the supplies she needs to visit your house that night. Touch base shortly before lights out to avoid having to wait an extra night for the tooth fairy’s visit.

How to Get in Touch with the Tooth Fairy

Okay, your child’s tooth has come out and it’s almost time for bed. Now it’s time to actually contact the tooth fairy to schedule a pickup! Here are some creative and magical ways to summon her to your home:

Send a Written Note

Handwritten notes are one of the tooth fairy’s preferred methods of communication. Have your child write a short letter to the tooth fairy telling her that they have lost a tooth and placed it under their pillow for collection. Make sure they include their name and age in the note along with what tooth it is (e.g. bottom left front tooth). Decorating the note with stickers, glitter and drawings helps get the tooth fairy’s attention too!

Call Her Phone

If you want to bypass the mail, your child can try giving the tooth fairy a direct call! Have them dial 1-800-TOOTH FAIRY on your phone and leave a short voicemail with their name, age and details about the lost tooth that’s ready for pickup. For an added bit of fun, play a “ringing” sound effect first to mimic calling the actual TF hotline.

Send an Email

For tech savvy kids, emailing the tooth fairy is often a popular option. Let your child compose an email to [email protected] with the necessary details to schedule a tooth pickup for that night. Just make sure to have them BCC or Forward you a copy of the email so you know it’s been sent!

Text Message Alert

For children with their own phones, texting the tooth fairy is the ultimate modern way to reach out. Have them compose a text to 1-800-TOOTH FAIRY with a quick summary of their name, age and lost tooth details to schedule a visit from the tooth fairy that night. You may want to pre-program the number in their phone beforehand.

Leave a Voicemail Message

Some parents like to get really creative and set up a “Tooth Fairy Hotline” voicemail box in their home. They’ll record an outgoing message as the tooth fairy inviting children to leave a message with their tooth details to get a visit scheduled. Children can feel like they are really leaving the TF a direct voicemail message!

Tooth Fairy App Alert

For the high-tech tooth fairy summons, have your child send an alert through the Tooth Fairy App on your phone or tablet. The app allows them to upload photos of their lost tooth and input details to schedule a pickup for that night. You’ll get a notification allowing you to confirm the tooth fairy’s visit.

Mirror Message in Window

Here’s a tooth fairy call technique that doubles as a fun activity for restless kids on a tooth pulling night. Have your child use window markers or dry erase markers to leave a message for the tooth fairy on a window or mirror requesting a visit. It captures their excitement and helps pass the time until bedtime.

Send a Telegram

Sometimes old school communication methods capture a child’s imagination best. Have them write out a short telegram style message to the tooth fairy with the key details of their lost tooth. You can find printable vintage style telegram forms online to make it feel really authentic. Rolled up and tied with ribbon, it adds to the mystique!

When the Tooth Fairy Will Visit

Patience is important when contacting the tooth fairy. While she tries to visit every child on the night they lose a tooth, sometimes logistics prevent that from happening. Here’s a realistic timeline to set expectations:

Same Night Visits

If you are able to contact the tooth fairy early in the evening before bedtime, there is a good chance she will be able to swing by to collect the tooth that same night. She just needs 3-4 hours notice in most cases to work you into her schedule.

Next Night Visits

If your message reaches her a bit too late in the evening, she may already be out on her rounds. In that case, the tooth fairy will do her best to stop by the following night instead. Waiting one extra night is no fun, but sometimes it just happens!

Backlogged Visits

During especially busy times of year when lots of teeth are being lost, the tooth fairy can fall behind on her visits. She may need 2-3 nights to work through all the teeth she needs to collect before reaching your house. Don’t worry though, the tooth fairy never forgets! She just gets extra busy certain times of year.

Follow Up if No Response

If you don’t hear back from the tooth fairy within 3 days, it’s okay to contact her again as a follow up. Sometimes with so many messages coming in, she accidentally misses scheduling a pickup. Don’t let more than a week go by without a visit though before checking back in.

Knowing realistic tooth fairy visit timeframes prevents discouragement. She always comes, just remain patient!

How Kids Can Prepare for the Tooth Fairy

Waiting for the tooth fairy to arrive is filled with excitement and anticipation. Here are some ways to have children help prepare for her arrival to make the night extra magical:

Place Tooth Under Pillow

The most important thing kids need to do is place their lost tooth underneath their pillow before falling asleep. This signals to the tooth fairy exactly where to find it for quick collection while they dream. Make sure they open the pillowcase and tuck it inside instead of slipping it between pillows where it could get lost.

Leave a Note Out

In addition to contacting the tooth fairy in advance, it doesn’t hurt to leave a short handwritten note out as well for when she comes. Kids can reiterate that they lost a tooth and left it under their pillow for the tooth fairy. Notes and drawings bring extra smiles.

Set Out Floss or Toothbrush

Some children like to leave a little gift out for the tooth fairy like a piece of floss or new toothbrush. This shows they understand she collects teeth to help care for children’s smiles. The tooth fairy always appreciates these thoughtful gifts!

Leave Mineral Water Out

Since the tooth fairy travels all night, leaving a refreshing glass of mineral water out by the bed lets her rehydrate. Water gives an energy boost and shows you are a gracious host.

Glitter Path to Bed

For an added bit of fun, have kids sprinkle some glitter on the floor to create a sparkly path from their bedroom door to bed. This helps guide the sneaky tooth fairy right to the tooth location in the dark!

Fairy-Friendly Lighting

To help the tooth fairy see once inside the bedroom, set up a cute fairy or string light near the bed. Just enough dim light lets her do her work without disturbing the child’s sleep.

Camera for Proof

If your child simply can’t wait to fall asleep before the tooth fairy arrives, a clever idea is having them set up a camera to try and “catch” her in the act! A notebook camera works great. They still won’t see her, but it’s fun to get photos of the magical exchange taking place.

Thank You Card

Writing the tooth fairy a thank you card before she arrives, to be left under the pillow with the tooth, is a very thoughtful gesture. She’ll take it with her and your appreciation will put an extra smile on her face as she continues her work!

With these preparation tips, your child will fall asleep with visions of the tooth fairy dancing in their heads as they anxiously await her arrival.

Creative Tooth Exchange Ideas

As any parent knows, leaving something creative or valuable under your child’s pillow helps make that first lost tooth truly special. Here are some fun tooth fairy gift exchange ideas:

Fairy Dust

A packet or vial of glittery “fairy dust” is an inexpensive but fun gift kids get a kick out of. Accompany it with a note explaining the fairy dust is magical with special powers if they believe!

Silver Dollar

A shiny silver dollar coin has traditional appeal and is a classic gift to commemorate losing that first tooth. Just leave it under the pillow in place of their tooth before they wake up.

Tooth-Shaped Gift

Small tooth-shaped items make fun tooth fairy gifts like a tooth-shaped soap or trinket box. They remind children their tooth went to someone who will take special care of it.

Tooth Pillow

Since this is just the first of many teeth to lose, a cute custom tooth pillow makes a very practical gift. Your child now has an adorable spot to leave all their future teeth that get collected by the tooth fairy.

Sparkly Lip Gloss or Nail Polish

What girl doesn’t love a little bit of sparkle? Leave some magically colored lip gloss or nail polish behind with a note about using these beauty items to spark smiles in everyone they meet.

Stickers or Temporary Tattoos

Fun sets of stickers or temporary tattoos bring instant delight. Gift a set that ties into their current interests, like superheroes or unicorns. Temporary tooth tattoos are also a clever idea!

New Toothbrush

A brand new toothbrush in their favorite color starts proper oral hygiene habits. Leave it with a note reminding them to take extra good care of their teeth now that they have lost their first one!

Sugar-Free Candy

Sugary candy after losing a tooth sends the wrong message. Instead opt for a few pieces of sugar-free gum or candy with an explanatory note about snacking smart.

Magnifying Glass

Foster a sense of adventure with a small magnifying glass. Accompany it with a note explaining this magical lens will allow them to explore the tooth fairy’s microscopic world if they use their imagination.


A personalized bookmark fits nicely into the space under the pillow and encourages reading. Look for one with a tooth fairy or dental health theme.

With any of these creative ideas, your child will be awe-struck at the tooth fairy’s generosity and imagination.

Troubleshooting Tooth Fairy Problems

Hopefully your tooth fairy summons goes smoothly, but occasionally problems can arise. Here’s how to troubleshoot some common tooth fairy visit issues:

Can’t Reach Tooth Fairy In Time

If you realize it’s too late to contact the tooth fairy before bed, go ahead and have your child put the tooth under their pillow anyway. Then first thing in the morning, shoot her a text, email or call letting her know there is a tooth waiting for pickup tonight. Better late than never!

Tooth Gets Swallowed or Lost

Accidents happen and sometimes a tooth gets swallowed or lost before the tooth fairy can collect it. Not to worry! Have your child write a short note explaining what happened to the tooth and leave it under their pillow. The tooth fairy will still leave a gift knowing they did their best to leave out their lost tooth.

Parent Forgets To Do Tooth Exchange

Life gets busy, and you may accidentally forget to swap the tooth for a gift before your child wakes up. If they discover this, quickly improvise and say you just got a message from the tooth fairy that she had to step out for an emergency tooth collection elsewhere. Let them know she’ll come back tonight to bring their gift. Crisis averted!

Child Stays Awake Trying to See Tooth Fairy

If your child is stubbornly trying to stay awake and catch the tooth fairy, remind them she only visits when kids are sound asleep. Make sure to close bedroom blinds tightly so morning sunshine doesn’t wake them prematurely. A few yawns usually kick in if they persist in their stakeout attempts after the excitement wears off.

Pets Interfere with Tooth Exchange

Pets can unintentionally mess with the tooth fairy exchange if they get into the bedroom. Dogs may take the tooth fairy gift to play with or a cat may swat away a tooth that isn’t well hidden. Try keeping bedroom doors shut at night to keep pets away during the switch.

With quick problem solving, you can overcome any hiccups in your child’s first tooth fairy visit. The key is turning it into an even more magical teachable moment they’ll remember.

Make Future Tooth Fairy Visits Consistent

If all goes well with your child’s first tooth fairy encounter, they will start looking ahead to losing more teeth and more visits! Here are tips to make the magic consistent with each tooth:

Maintain the Same Contact Methods

Stick with the successful communication techniques you set as tradition for your first tooth lost. Always have them leave notes under pillows and choose one other preferred contact method, whether calling, emailing or texting. Consistency builds more anticipation and excitement with each subsequent tooth extraction.

Increase Gift Values Over Time

While the first tooth gift can be simple, it’s fun to gradually increase the value or creativity of gifts as more teeth get collected. Kids catch on quick if you keep leaving dollar coins! Adding in an occasional $5-10 bill or new tooth fairy gift idea keeps the momentum going.

Respond Faster for Later Teeth

For that initial tooth, a next night visit may be fine. But as the newness wears off, aim to have the tooth fairy show up same night whenever possible for future teeth. Kids age quickly and you don’t want them to start questioning her existence!

Keep Tooth Fairy Notes and Gifts Consistent

Making the tooth fairy handwriting, gift wrapping, and envelope or paper styles match each visit adds authenticity. You can buy bulk tooth fairy supplies like stationery online. Kids notice inconsistencies, so match it up each time for best results.

Follow Up After Each Visit

One more tactic to build loyalty is having the tooth fairy send your child occasional follow up notes by mail thanking them again for their tooth. Personalized postcards from the tooth fairy kingdom remind them just how special each tooth is!

As long as you stick to consistent tooth traditions, the magic of the tooth fairy will carry on as your child loses more and more teeth!

Keeping the Tooth Fairy Magic Alive

The tooth fairy tradition is timeless, but keeping older kids believing can take a bit more effort and imagination once they get wise to the fact it’s been mom or dad behind it the whole time! Here are some ways to keep the magic alive even after the first signs of doubt start creeping in:

Creative Explanations for Common Tooth Fairy Doubts

Kids eventually start questioning some logical gaps they notice in the tooth fairy’s overnight work. When this happens, getting creative with your explanations can help overcome doubts! Here are some crafty responses to frequently asked tooth fairy questions:

How Does She Get Inside?

If your child asks how the tooth fairy gets in if they don’t leave doors unlocked or windows open, explain that fairy magic allows her to walk right through walls and obstacles. As long as kids believe in her and leave teeth out, she’ll find a way!

Why No Footprints or Messes?

When they realize there’s never any trail left behind like glitter or dirt from the tooth fairy, tell them she floats around without touching the ground. Her wings allow her to delicately flitter around. And any supplies she carries are in a special pouch that doesn’t spill.

Why Don’t Pets Notice Her?

Kids will wonder how pets don’t get woken up or bark when she’s collecting teeth at night. That’s when you explain that the tooth fairy has special fairy dust that makes her imperceptible to pets and adults. It’s kids’ belief in her that enables them to notice when she’s been there.

How Does She Reach Higher Beds?

For those who sleep in loft beds or top bunks, explain that the tooth fairy is an excellent climber thanks to her wings. She uses lots of fairy dust on hands and feet to stick to walls and beds as she scales up to collect teeth from all kinds of tricky locations.

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