The Ultimate Guide to Becoming an Organized Mom

Being an organized mom is not easy, but it is possible with some effort and planning. It requires establishing routines, getting on top of household chores, scheduling activities, and more. The benefits are huge though – being organized reduces stress and helps moms enjoy quality time with their families. Here are some tips to help you become an organized supermom!

Get Organized Mentally

The first step to becoming an organized mom is to get organized mentally. This means having the right mindset and attitude. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Set realistic expectations – Know your limits and don’t try to be perfect. Focus on progress, not perfection.
  • Prioritize what’s important – Focus on your family, health, and values. Let go of unimportant tasks.
  • Accept imperfection – Your house will not always be spotless and activities will sometimes get missed. Learn to go with the flow.
  • Forgive yourself – When you make a mistake or fall short of your goals, don’t dwell on it. Talk kindly to yourself.
  • Ask for help – Don’t try to do it all yourself. Delegate tasks and accept help from others.

Getting in the right mindset is key to being an organized mom without driving yourself crazy.

Establish Helpful Household Habits

Developing consistent household habits will make it easier to stay on top of chores and keep things running smoothly. Here are some routines to implement:

  • Make your bed every morning – This kickstarts the day on a productive note.
  • Put away items immediately after use – Don’t let clutter accumulate in common areas.
  • Do a quick tidy before bed – Straighten up to start the next day fresh.
  • Assign chores – Divide and conquer household tasks with other family members.
  • Do laundry on set days – For instance, Mondays and Thursdays. This prevents piles of dirty clothes.
  • Meal plan and grocery shop weekly – Plan out meals and get groceries organized on Sundays.
  • Clean as you go – Quickly wipe counters, do dishes, etc after cooking to prevent messes.

Turning these habits into routines will make cleaning and maintenance easier. The whole family can pitch in!

Use Organizing Tools and Systems

Having the right gear and systems will give you the structure you need to be organized. Here are some useful tools:

  • Calendar and planner – Use a wall calendar and daily planner to track family schedules, appointments, and activities.
  • To-do lists – Write daily and weekly to-do lists to stay on top of tasks. Use a notepad or app.
  • Labels and bins – Use labeled bins, baskets, and storage containers to organize belongings and keep things in their homes.
  • Family command center – Have a dedicated spot for calendars, notes, mail, keys, etc. Monitor it daily.
  • File sorter – Use envelopes, accordion files, or filing cabinets to sort paperwork by category.
  • Meal plans and grocery lists – Plan weekly meals and make master grocery lists to organize shopping trips.
  • Cleaning schedule – Make a schedule to assign yourself cleaning tasks by day or week.

Using these simple systems provides the structure busy moms need to maintain order.

Schedule Activities and Outings

Staying active with kids often means a packed calendar. Stay sane by planning and organizing activities effectively.

  • Use an online calendar – Share a cloud-based calendar with your family to track everyone’s events.
  • Schedule ahead of time – Each week, sit down and pre-plan activities for the next week. Pencil in errands too.
  • Group activities – Try to group activities together on certain days to reduce trips. For instance, grocery shop and run other errands on Sundays.
  • Prep gear in advance – Pack backpacks, gym bags, and snacks the night before. Have kids pick out outfits.
  • Arrive early – Build in a buffer and aim to arrive 10-15 minutes early for appointments. This prevents rushing.
  • Assign extracurriculars – Limit kids to one or two extracurriculars at a time so schedules don’t get overloaded.

Advance planning and grouping activities makes managing a busy schedule much less stressful.

Organize Kids’ Bedrooms

Children’s bedrooms are notoriously messy and disorganized. Make them easy to organize with these tips:

  • Use labeled bins and baskets – Group toys, clothes, books, etc into bins labeled with words and pictures.
  • Install shelves – Shelves let kids store belongings within reach, and they love arranging “collections.”
  • Keep it simple – Limit the number of toys and belongings. Avoid clutter.
  • Make cleaning fun – Play cleanup songs, use countdowns, make it a race, etc.
  • Set limits – Only allow a certain number of toys out at once. Rotate toys in storage.
  • Model organization – Children learn habits from watching. Keep your bedroom neat and tidy.
  • Involve kids – Have them help decide where to store belongings. Maintain systems together.

An organized bedroom promotes independence and makes mornings and bedtimes easier.

Use Technology to Get Organized

Modern technology offers moms a wealth of apps, gadgets, and tools to get organized. Take advantage of these:

  • Apps for schedules, lists, notes – Apps like Cozi, AnyList, Remember the Milk, and Evernote are great for tracking everything.
  • Calendar sharing apps – Manage family schedules smoothly with shared apps like Cozi, Google Calendar, and Apple’s Family Calendar. Accept invites and RSVPs via mobile.
  • Grocery delivery services -instacart it grocery shopping by allowing you to order home delivery in advance.
  • Meal planning apps – Mealime, Plan to Eat, and MealBoard let you plan meals, shop, cook, and budget.
  • Shared family task apps – Apps like Cozi and let family assign and track chores.
  • Digital photo storage – Back up photos automatically with cloud services like Amazon Photos or Apple iCloud. Get prints made easily. No more boxes of photos to sort.
  • Smart speakers – Use Alexa, Google Home, etc to set reminders, make lists, answer questions, play music, etc hands-free.

Use tech to your advantage to streamline and go paperless whenever possible. Tap into apps, sites, and gadgets that make your day easier.

Prioritize Your Health and Wellness

Being an organized mom is pointless if you don’t take care of yourself. Make health and me time a priority with these tips:

  • Move daily – Exercise 30 minutes a day, even a walk with your kids. This boosts your energy, mood, and focus.
  • Eat well – Meal prep healthy snacks and lunches for the week ahead. Fuel properly.
  • Wake earlier – Get up 30-60 mins before your kids for “me time.” Drink coffee, exercise, do yoga, etc.
  • Sleep enough – Turn off screens an hour before bed and aim for 8 hours. Proper rest increases productivity.
  • Schedule respite – Use babysitters or breaks between activities as timeouts for yourself. Unwind and recharge.
  • Practice mindfulness – Do deep breathing, listen to music, take baths. Little moments of mindfulness refresh you.
  • Connect with friends – Maintain a social life. Schedule mom meetups, girls’ nights, etc. Friendships nourish the soul.
  • Treat yourself – Get a massage, read a novel, buy flowers regularly, etc Just because.

When mom takes care of herself, the whole household thrives. Don’t neglect your own needs – you matter!

Declutter and Organize Your Home

Clutter can quickly get out of control in busy homes. Make decluttering and deep cleaning part of your regular routine using these tips:

  • Declutter each room weekly – Set a timer for 15 minutes and quickly tidy up rooms, put away stray items, throw out trash, file paper, etc.
  • Don’t buy unneeded items – Avoid clutter in the first place by cutting down on impulse purchases and items you don’t really need. Stick to necessities.
  • Store out-of-season clothes – Rotate clothes using airtight storage bins in closets or under beds.
  • Purge toys and books – Donate gently used toys and books you no longer use to charity.
  • Display collections neatly – Use matching bins, boxes, or trays to neatly corral kids’ treasures, books, or toys.
  • Designate donation bins – Have bins around the house for donating items easily and regularly.
  • Do seasonal deep cleans – Thoroughly clean and declutter house once per season – baseboards, windows, closets, cabinets, garage, etc.

Regular quick decluttering prevents huge messes. Deep clean when things get out of hand.


Becoming an organized parent is very doable by starting with the right mindset, implementing helpful routines, using organizing tools, planning ahead, and taking care of yourself too. Don’t let the details overwhelm you. Take it step by step, prioritize what matters, and be flexible. With some effort, organization is possible for every mom! What tips will you try implementing first?

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